How to get DoFollow Backlinks?

You always think that when you search Google, your web site should be number one, You know you need to create a DoFollow Backlink and do SEO as well as fulfill some other important things but do you know how to do it? If you do not do this properly, your web site may never rank in the search engine, Unless the site is ranked, the visitor will not come to your site and if there is no visitor then you will not benefit from it. If you think about attracting a visitor one important factor that comes with that is the Backlink.

This article covers all the details

Before learning what is backlink, let us first learn what a link is. What’s the link? So using the link, we can go from page to page The following picture shows how we can get to the B page using the link on the A page

dofollow backlinks DoFollow Backlinks! How to get Free DoFollow Backlinks? what is Backlink

  • We can go from one page to another using the link, The link can be split into two types
    • Inbound link
    • Out bound link
  • what is inbound link?
    If you use a link from your web site to another site, that link is called an outbound link.
  • what is outbound link
    If you come to your site from another site using a link, that link is called an inbound link.

What is backlink?

Inbound links and Outbound links are what we call backlinks.

If a link arrives at your web site through another website, it becomes a backlink for you Or if there is a link through your website to another site, it is the backlink to that site

  • The backlink to your site must be of a high quality.
    You should not go to another web site and try to get a backlink from there, or if you are doing so, then the subject of the website from which you are taking the backlink and your web site should be somewhat related to each other.

How to get dofollow backlinks dofollow backlinks DoFollow Backlinks! How to get Free DoFollow Backlinks? Dofollow backlinks

Types of Backlink?

There are two types of backlink, either dofollow or nofollow, Dofollow backlinks are more profitable than nofollow backlinks, this does not mean that nofollow backlinks are less important. 5 dofollow backlink can give you more benefits than 100 nofollow backlink.

  • How to check dofollow and nofollow links?

The simplest way to determine if a link is dofollow or nofollow is to check the page source

  • Right click on a link and click on the inspect element option.
    • An example of Dofollow Link:
      • <a href=””>Google</a>
    • An example of Nofollow Link:
      • <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Google</a>

If there is a rel = “nofollow” tag next to the link you are checking, then that link is a  nofollow link. And if there is no nofollow tag then that link is a dofollow link

What is the difference between dofollow and nofollow?

The dofollow and nofollow links look like normal links and they work just like normal links, This means that if you click on any of these links, you will be taken to the location where the link is targeted. The only difference between dofollow and nofollow is a tag The nofollow link is attached to the tag “nofollow” so that Google or any other search engine crawler or robot does not follow a link that has a nofollow tag attached to it.

How to create a backlink?

We can put a link to any web site and get a backlink to our web site, but not all of them will be dofollow. Before taking a backlink from a website, it is necessary to check the domain authority, page authority and spam score of the site.

So let’s briefly know what domain authority, page authority and spam score are

A company called MOZ studied how search engines publish their search results, According to that study, the quality of the domain as a whole is referred to as domain  authority. Also the quality of a page on a website is referred to as page authority Spam Score is also a very important factor and you should check the spam score of the respective website before getting the backlink.

How to check the DA PA and SS of the website

There are many paid and free tools available in the market, but using you can get the information you need for free, websiteseochecker uses a tool called semrush to provide this information.

  • Broken link building

Often as you read an article, you see a link to another article that provides more information about that topic. But if you find that the linked page is not responding after clicking on that link, it is called a broken link, You can take advantage of this, Study related topics and write related posts on your website then request the owner of the relevant site to replace the broken link with your post This way you can get a dofollow link

  • Comment backlink

Some of the posts that are the comment option below, which requires you to enter your name, email and website when commenting. If you find any such site, So first check whether the link commented by others are dofollow or nofollow. Likewise check DA PA and SS if all is good and you are getting a dofollow link so don’t miss this opportunity

  • Social Media sharing

After writing any of your posts on your website, you must share that post on social media.

  1. You can create your own page on facebook and share your post link on it.
  2. Ttwitter is also a great medium through which you can share your post.
  3. By making a video about the topic in your post, you can post it to YouTube.

In the same way you can share the link on other social media like pintrest, linkedin, but keep in mind that sharing too much is not worth it.

How to get Dofollow Backlinks?

How to get a dofollow backlink is more important than where to get it. As mentioned above, 5 dofollow backlinks are more profitable than 100 nofollow backlinks, but it is important to know some information about the site from which you will be taking the backlink.

Always try for a dofollow backlink because when the dofollow backlink is taken from another website for your site, the value of the website providing the dofollow backlink is shared with your website.That way, the time you take the dofollow backlink, the value of the second web site will be appended to your site and rank your site in the search engine result.

Talking about nofollow backlink, the only benefit of such a link is traffic, if you create a nofollow backlink to your site on a page where there is a lot of traffic. So through it you can get traffic to your web site but there is no other benefit of  nofollow backlink.

  • Buy Dofollow Backlinks

    • How appropriate is it to buy a dofollow backlink, if you are considering buying a acklink, make sure to give the backlink provider exactly what kind of backlink he is going to  offer. In the past, many inappropriate incidents have been reported where backlinks  were made through pornographic sites or from sites where DA was too low.

    • If you want to avoid this kind of inferior backlink, be careful when buying a backlink
  • Get FREE Dofollow Backlinks

    • Most importantly, to get a free dofollow backlink, you need to devote time to finding sites where you can find the best dofollow backlink.
      • You can get a dofollow backlink by registering on some websites & Forums.
      • You can get a dofollow backlink by writing posts on some websites,
      • You can grab a dofollow link through a guest post, so you have to write excellent quality post to get the link.

DoFollow Backlinks Sites

As mentioned above, To get a dofollow backlink, you need to find a sites where you can get a backlink. To save you time I am publishing a list of sites where you can get a free dofollow backlink

DoFollow Backlinks Sites 2020

All of the above websites can provide you with a dofollow backlink, but having a backlink to a website that matches the subject of your web site will benefit most.

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DoFollow link checker

Every time you need to check the source code to check if you get a dofollow link or a nofollow link on a web site, it is a very time consuming process, you can save a lot of time using the strike out nofollow links Extension in google chrome, The function of strike out nofollow links Extension is the same as its name which scans the links on the webpage and strikes out the links which are nofollow, so that you do not have to look at the source code to check the type of link.

Download Strike out nofollow links Extension for Chrome

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